Due to a current situation I'm not working until further notice. 



Musculoskeletal disorders. 

Therapy and rehabilitation. 

Physiotherapy to treat temporomandibular disorders.


Classical and sports massage. 

Massage therapy to treat TMD e.g. bruxism.


I work in Lahden hierojakoulu (Viipurintie 3).

Lahden hierojakoulu

Viipurintie 3 

15150 Lahti


ina (at) spesfysio.fi

Price list

Physiotherapy 30 min

35 €

Physiotherapy 45 min

45 €

Physiotherapy 60 min

Recommended for the first visit

55 €

Massage 25 min

25 €

Massage 50 min

38 €

Massage 80 min

52 €

Payment methods are card or cash.

If you are unable to attend your appointment please remember to cancel. Otherwise we will have to charge you the full price of the treatment you have booked.

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